@justinbasile hello@justinbasile.me
Co-founder & Samurai @ BLACKBLITZ 2014 - now
Internship @ FCINQ as a Padawan Webdesigner 2013
Webdesign Bachelor Degree @ LPWD - MMI Montbéliard 2013
You can catch me in Strasbourg, France Beer+Wine+Baguette+andouillette de vire
Want to get in touch ? Shout me an email ! hello@justinbasile.me
Twitter is #cool #tech #design #music #dev #webdesign #andmore
Google Plus survivor (since 2011) I share links for designers & webdevelopers
Pinterest guru since its launch .Webdesign.UX/UI.Graphic.Video
I collect moment on Instagram #pornfood #instabouffe #andmore
Music lover x Spotify user follow that combo ;)
Gif x Minions addict rule the world in motion !
Need more infos about me ? Here is my Resume ! FR only at the moment :s (2,3 Mo)